NIRO wants to make the network's resources visible, and make it easier to get in touch with relevant partners for studies, projects, workshops, seminars etc.

Here you will find an overview of employees in HSØ, OsloMet and UiO who have expertise and interest in five different work areas within radiation therapy research.

Are you HSØ - employee who would like to be named in one or more of these groups on our website? Send an email to network coordinator.

No specific work obligations are included with this registration.

Combination therapy Imaging Late effects Palliative treatment Proton therapy
Randi Syljuåsen Eirik Malinen Ingvild Vistad Rene Van Helvoirt Eirik Malinen
Åslaug Helland Marianne Guren Marianne Guren Katharina Lederer Einar Waldeland
Rene Van Helvoirt
Kyrre Eeg Emblem
Katharina Lederer
Marit Slaaen
Einar Dale
Taran P. Hellebust Heidi Lyng Cecilie E. Kiserud Emilie Rikardi Schellhorn Karsten Rydén-Eilertsen
Heidi Lyng Mona - Elisabeth Revheim Safora Johansen Safora Johansen Heidi Lyng
  Knut Håkon Hole Marit Slaaen Kari Dolven Jacobsen Åse Bratland
  Karsten Rydén-Eilertsen      


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